Art Eye: The Kiss, Gustav Klimt

Firstly, I just want to say that I am so so so sorry that it has been over a week since my last post, my bad. I have just been swamped with coursework and homework and blah. Anyway, I am back this week with another art eye!

So, The Kiss, is another iconic painting. I decided to do this painting because it's my mums favourite painting and it was her birthday this week! I actually recently had to write an essay on this piece, so I should know a lot about it. Klimt is an Austrian artist, living from 1862-1918. His artwork is often associated with the Symbolism art movement, although I think it has a strong influence from Art Nouveau, and the artwork of Mucha, which is my one of my favourite era's. The Kiss, is centred on this embracing couple, and the whole painting tried to exaggerate their form and shape. This is done by the use of gold leaf and the repeated pattern. The pattern shown on the female are round or oval, and exaggerate female attributes, where as the pattern on the male is rectangular, and contrasts the female. These patterns suggest the personality and gender of the forms. I really like the texture that the pattern gives the painting. This painting is often described as sensual, but I think this painting holds more than desire, I see it more as a loving embrace. 

Seeing as he has used gold leaf, I knew that I had to incorporate the gold into it. So I started by putting a taupe colour in my crease, and blended it up to the brow. Then I ran a darker brown in the crease. I put a gold glittery shadow on my lid, and inner corner. I was going to run a brown along the lower lash line, but I think that using the dark green worked really well. I think this base would look really nice as a party look, with some eyeliner, and a strong lip. The green would work really well with brown eyes.  

I then went in with liquid eyeliners, that I had mixed into my own colours, and recreated some of the patterns. I wanted to focus on the pattern of the female form. I also took the pattern from the cliff, to tie in the green shadow more. I used a dark brown pencil in my inner and upper waterline. 

I really think that the eyeshadow base would work really well for a party look. The pop of green looks so nice. I loved doing the really detailed eye detail, and it works really well. And again, if you have any requests or questions don't be afraid to leave a comment. I will be on time next week! Haha.

HG x