My New Project

My interests spread far a wide, but really I am passionate about a few small things in life. I have a love of art, the history of art, and creating art, but I also have a massive addiction to makeup. I have been wanting to make a blog for a while now, but being the cautious type, I didn't want to take the virtual plunge. Well finally I have. I wanted a blog, where I could talk about what I love, and share my creativity with other people. I felt I needed to stick to one of my passions, I mean a makeup and art blog is something I have never seen before. But I so desperately wanted to share both, and I thought, maybe I should combine them. And in theory, it sounds silly, but I thought I would give it a go. I came up with this idea, to take pieces of art I have studied or that are famous, or that I love, and to take that influence, and translate it into makeup. Of course I had to design my look first before I went straight onto my face. And that way, I get to do everything, I share the history of art, my own artistic talents and my own makeup creations. I thought I was really onto something. But I had to make sure. So I studied a painting, came up with a design and did it. And I am so proud that it actually worked, and so happy that this idea seems to please me to no end. I loved the time I spent designing and actually re-creating it. So I thought I would give this a shot. So, welcome to my blog, and to my new project: 'Art Eye'!

(All posts relating to the project will have titles like 'Art Eye: The Mona Lisa' as an example, all other posts are just my general ramblings and musings)