Monday, 22 September 2014

Art Eye: Ophanic Eyelash, Alex Grey

Hi everyone! So some of you will know I have recently set up my Instagram and Twitter pages (links are on the right) and I got a request for me to do an art eye based on work by Alex Grey on Instagram. I had never heard of this artist before and I so I did some research, and his work is very creative and I really liked it. I liked the colour and pattern included in the work, and I think that he covers a very interesting subject area.

So I decided to look at this piece of work, because it was one of my favourite pieces of his. Alex Grey is an American artist, who focuses on visionary art (basically spiritual art).  

So I thought the easiest thing to do with this painting, would be to literally copy the pattern from this piece of work. So I actually used non toxic face paints to do this because of the vivid colour, it would be easier to achieve a proper influence. I started off with a base of a yellow colour from my Sleek Au Natural Palette, and lined my eye with a red pencil. 
I know it looks like I am really sick or something, but this is just a base, so you have to wait until it all comes together really. Please excuse my skin, it has been really bad recently haha.

After that I went in with the face paints, and basically used them as liners and copied the pattern. Then I put lot's of mascara on, to make my eyes look a bit more like eyes, and open them up more. I feel like I probably could have been more precise with my lines but I think it turned out ok.

I never do things this bold, and it was a real challenge for me to do this makeup, but I enjoy a challenge, and I think I did okay. Hope you enjoyed this one, and again, if you have any questions on requests leave a comment, or contact me on my social media pages. Thanks.


Monday, 15 September 2014

Art Eye: Self-Portrait, Vincent Van Gogh

Hello again everyone! I swear I apologise with every post how I am not sticking to a set day to post, but I have just gone back to college this week so it has been hectic and I am finally settled and I can confirm that I will be posting on Mondays. So, on with the post.

So I am finally getting round to doing a piece by Van Gogh! I was going to do Starry Night but I thought that I would do this piece, because I really love the pastel colour of the background, and I think it would be more interesting. Anyway, so this is one of Van Gogh's many self-portrait, I think he did about forty self-portrait in his lifetime. This painting was done when Van Gogh was in an asylum in St. Remy. He had committed himself after a mental breakdown. Something Van Gogh often uses to convey emotion is colour, and this mostly blue painting is only disrupted by the orange beard and hair of the famous painter. But blue holds such a relationship with depression it is easy to connect this painting with the painters emotions.

So onto the makeup. I was very excited about this one because I knew I would have to work with eyeliners to get the swirly lines. I actually used eyeshadow pigments, and mixed them with water to make a paste like eyeliner. It worked really well. I used different shades of blue, purple and a white to recreate this painting using this technique. I've never done something like this before, so it was really fun to experiment and do something different. 

I really like this makeup, because it is so creative and different. I know I haven't posted in a while, but I have been so so busy and now I feel a bit more settled I am hoping to post on time every (fingers crossed) week. Hope you enjoyed this post, and like always if you have an questions or requests just let me know in the comments!