Art Eye: Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci

Hello everyone!!! So this week, I decided to take on one of the big ones, the Mona Lisa! I have seen a lot of makeup looks around this particular painting, probably because it is one of the most famous pieces of art in the world.

So, Mona Lisa, I am sure most you know something about this painting because of it's fame. This is a half portrait, of Lisa Gherardini, wife to a wealthy cloth merchant. The main aspect of this painting which entices so many, is her expression. It is not happy, nor is it sad, there is little to be said about her emotion, and it continues to be a things of personal interpretation. The mystery behind her 'smile' is something that has only added to the fame of this piece.

So onto the makeup! I used my usual foundation base, and concealer, but I skipped filling in my brow. I tried to take out my brow, and conceal over them but it didn't work. I took a taupe colour through the socket and copied the shape of the dark part around her eye. I then took a darker brown and darkened the crease, and then went back in with a very dark brown, and again darkened the crease. I didn't think it was dark enough, so I used black eyeshadow to darken it even more in the inner and outer corner. I also took the first brown eyeshadow under my eye to re create the bags she had. I reapplied foundation on the eyelid to clean up, and I put foundation on my eyelashes to blank them out a bit.

Possibly one of the more simple looks I have done, but it is very effective, and I actually think that this turned out really well, considering I had a lack of time. (Sorry about the pictures lighting, I didn't get the right light) Hope you enjoyed and as always, feel free to leave a comment, either on here or on my social media pages.