Christmas Haul!

Hi everyone! So I realised it has basically been a month since I last posted, and I felt so bad about it I thought I must do something special. So here we are, I have got a haul for you. This is the first time doing something other than the 'Art Eyes' series. I recently took a trip (or 2) to Boots, and was very excited by all the Christmas deals they have on, including free gifts, which is just the best thing ever. And I am going to run you through everything you see above. Warning that this is very picture heavy so bear with.

First off is L'Oreal Paris
La Palette Nude in 01 Rose.

I think I am a tiny bit in love, this palette is absolutely gorgeous. In my collection of eyeshadows, I have many neutral colours but I they are all more cool browns. I have always wanted to find some nice pinks, that aren't too barbie, and this just fits the bill. There are four matte shades, and the rest are pearlescent. I am just going to rave about the pearlescent shadows, because the majority of glittery/sparkly eyeshadows I own have big chunks of glitter, whilst these shadows have more of a shimmer, and a finer glitter, which means I can actually get aways with wearing them in the day time. I do love the size of this palette, as it is very slim and small (smaller than a sleek palette) and so it the perfect size for my makeup bag. It is by no means a comparison to the famous Naked palettes, but for the price (£14.99) I am very happy with this purchase, which also came with a free gift. 

L'Oreal Free Gift (worth over £30)

Volume Million Lashes So Couture
Usually, I do not like mascaras with plastic bristles, as oppose to actual brush hairs (if that made any sense) but this one works really well. I think that because there are lots of bristles, and they aren't too far away from each other, it doesn't make my lashes clump, which is what usually happens with a brush like this. Also, a very black colour, the formula isn't too wet, but it's definitely is not dry. I must say my favourite thing about the mascara is the packaging, because it just looks so expensive and nice. Perfect addition to my makeup bag.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in 461 - Scarlett Creme

I do love a red lip, a whilst I have a love affair with all thing matte, I think this is such a good lipstick. The photo above is without lip liner, so you can see how pigmented this is. I think that it just feels so nice, it really smooth and it feels like lip balm. I also love the shape of the lipstick, because it has like a pointed edge, so it is easy to apply straight from the tube. However, I feel like blue based reds suit me more, and this is a bit more orange, but it still works. Maybe this is a more summer appropriate lipstick, but I still think it is amazing. Again I just have to say the packaging is so so nice, bravo L'Oreal, bravo.

Colour Riche Le Kohl - White
By far the most pigmented white Kohl I have ever used, this swatch is like literally barely pressing down and doing a quick line. The only problem I had with this is that I couldn't get the lid off, and when I eventually did, it broke the tip, so I had to sharpen it again. But I do love this gold packaging, it looks so nice!

L'Oreal Nail Polish - 408
I never usually wear nail polish (although I have a lot in this haul) but I have just been in the mood to have some nice nails. I wouldn't say red would be my go to nail colour, and even if it was, I would try to find a blue based red, and this is more orange. However, it is a very nice formulation, and is super opaque. Maybe I could wear it over Christmas, either way it is a nice little nail polish to have in my small collection.


Revlon Colourstay Foundation - 150 Buff
I have wanted this foundation for so long, I have read so much about it, and I knew I wanted it, and I even got a free balm with the purchase so I couldn't go wrong really. I felt like my old Rimmel Match Perfection foundation was too pink for me, so I went for something a little bit more yellow, and I think it suits me more. On the swatch it looks a little orange on my hand, but it translate much better on the face. I would say that I am a little bummed this doesn't have a pump on it, because I do not like foundations that don't have pumps. Also, whilst it isn't a major factor, I wouldn't say it smells very nice. Don't get me wrong, it is great, it stays on well for a long time and matches my skin well, but my Rimmel foundation has such a nice smell. This one smells a bit like your gran's makeup, a bit dusty. I don't know if that is just me. It's not something that would make me not buy it, but if you are reading this Revlon, please improve on the smell.

Revlon Colourburst Balm - 250 Standout 

How do I describe how much I love this balm. It is the perfect red, its matte, it has a peppermint smell, but it isn't overpowering, it is super pigmented, and stays on all day even without a lip liner. It's just an easy alternative to lipstick, on days where you want to make an effort, and maybe you ran out of time, or you are running late. It is easy to just carry around in your bag as you don't really need a lip brush or anything. I would say it is slightly drying, but what do you expect from a matte product.

Rimmel is one of my favourite brands, probably because my first piece of makeup came from Rimmel, and I have an emotional connection (it was a kohl pencil, which I still have even though its very small now). I have seen so many people online raving about the Kate Moss lipsticks, and the scandal eyes kohl. Plus it was buy three things and get a free nail polish, so I didn't have an excuse not to.

Exaggerate Lip Liner - 063 Eastend Snob
I love this lip liner. It's such a good MLBB colour. I got this because the colour reminded me of Kylie Jenner, but a little bit pinker, and I also didn't have a pink lip liner. I am very please with the colour pay off, and the texture. 

 Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick - 30
I don't have many berry shades, and I feel like they look so nice in the winter, so I got this, which is not very dark, but definitely a purpley pinky berry shade. It feels really nice, and smells nice too, has good pigmentation. I think you definitely need a lip liner underneath, and this does need to be applied with a lip brush in order to get a nice shape. I haven't tested the staying power of this yet, but I will report back soon.

Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal - Black
 I was running out of my kohl, and I have always used Rimmel kohl because it is cheap but very pigmented, so that is purely the reason I picked it up, and as expected, it is very smooth and pigmented. Everything you expect from a kohl pencil.

Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish - 114 Mars
 This came free when you bought three items, and it is a very odd nail polish. It feels so different to the other Rimmel nail polishes, its really smooth, and super pigmented. One thing I love about Rimmel polishes is that they have a rounded brush end, and so it is really easy to get a nice edge at the cuticle. 

Barry M
 Ahhhhhhh, look how pretty! I am absolutely in love with all these nail polishes.

Aquarium Nail Effect - Pacific and Instant Nail Effects Foil - Gold
I wanted a gold nail polish for Christmas, and I saw this blue one and it just reminded me of the '90s and I loved it. The blue one requires two coats, but the gold can be done in one coat. I feel like Barry M had improved it formulation, because I have only had one other nail polish from them and it wasn't very pigmented and didn't go on well. The next one I saved for last because it was the main reason I went to boots, ever since I saw it on the Barry M instagram....

Barry M Christmas 2014 Limited Edition - Starlight
LOOK AT THE LITTLE STARS OMG I LOVE IT. Sorry for the outburst, but I can't control myself. So these are the limited edition Christmas nail polishes and I think the come in like 5 colours. I really wanted the green one, but I liked them all. They only stocked this one, silver and gold, and the silver and red one in Boots. (I know that they stock the purple one in Tescos and I think the green one is exclusive to Superdrug) I have to say this is so cute, and I have seen this online over red polish, and it looks so festive. Because I am picky, I pick out the small stars and place them on the nail, so that each nail as at least one star, but that is because I am a perfectionist. I will be wearing this over the Christmas period, and I will probably be wearing it on Friday with my Christmas jumper, for Save the Children. 

And that's it folks, I know this has been a long one, and I am hoping that everyone finds it informative or at least interesting. If you want me to do more things like this, then leave me a comment on any of my social media pages, or on here. Again, sorry for not posting for ages. Thank you


p.s - If anyone was wondering where these adorable little Christmas decoration are from, they are made by my mum, and you can find all her stuff on her facebook page.