Art Eye: Blue Morning Glories, Georgia O'Keeffe

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hello everyone, hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year. I am back after a some what relaxing holiday, and I have got another art eye for you

So I decided to look at Georgia O'Keeffe this week, mainly because I have never really looked at her work before and I have always wanted to. O'Keeffe came to the art world's attention through paintings like this, close up's of flowers. O'Keeffe is said to be the queen of American Modernism.This painting was completed during her time in New Mexico, where she found great inspiration, and where she produced a lot of her work. Morning Glories sprung up in her work a lot, and as they bloom and wilt in the same day, in Victorian times they represented morality, and also love. Strange connection to make to something that dies in one day, however in Chinese folklore it is also thought to represent love and affection. This painting, is actually a good example of colour theory, because the main colours used are cool, blue and purple, but then there are hints of a warm colour, yellow. This creates a contrast within the piece, not to mention that the background is very light, whereas the top most flower has very dark shadow on it. This is odd because the bottom flower, is completely in light, there is no harsh dark shadow, and no reason for the top flower to have shadow either. This, to me, shows that this flower is dying. And it is the flower that doesn't occupy the most space, its in the background, and is even covered by the foremost flower. So whilst this may just be a still life of flowers, I feel like the composition has a lot of depth about death. 

So, on to makeup, and actually painting a flower on my face. 
  • I started off with my normal skin base, Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in 010 Light Porcelain (which is my second bottle and I have almost run out so must repurchase) mixed with the Revlon Colorstay in 150 Buff.
  •  Then concealed with Collection Lasting perfection in 01 Fair.
  •  Brows are actually a bit different, I used a damp brush and my Body Shop Colour Crush in 220 Chocolate Linger, because I always find brow products for lighter brows are always a bit red, and this colour is very neutral.
  •  I wanted a really solid base, and at first I used a white eyeliner pencil but it wasn't opaque enough, so I got out my old reliable face paints, and painted what looks like a white tree on my eye.
  •  I then took the L'Oreal Colour Riche Kohl in White to line my upper and lower waterline. 
  • I then made the purple and yellow shapes, again using my face paints, even though I tried with eyeshadow at first, it just didn't look right. 
  • I then used my Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Liner in 100% Black to add in the shadow on the edges, and went on to use the Barry M Liquid Liner in Electric Blue to add on the blue detail lines, and to make the flowers look a little bit more blue. I found it worked to apply the liner and pat it in with my finger. I needed to reapply the black, purple and white around the edges to get the shapes perfect.

I am so happy with the way this came out, personally I think it looks really good, obviously not a casual look but I think if you wanted something for a last minute costume for something (Halloween) this is pretty quick to do, and you literally can just do it with a face paint palette. But seriously I always go into these not knowing how they are going to turn out and there has been a few where they just aren't good enough to post, but this one has to be my new favourite.

Thank you for reading, and as always feel free to check out my social media, or leave a comment or request. 


P.S Bonus picture of my hand during the colour mixing process.