Art Eye: Heroic Roses, Paul Klee

Hey everyone! I finally have another art eye for you, there has been many attempts at other ones in the last few weeks, but unfortunately sometimes they just don't work out but that's ok. It's all about trial and error. Thankfully this one worked out so I had something to post. This time I decided to look at Paul Klee and his painting Heroic Roses.

This expressionist piece called out to me because of the strong geometric shapes, so I knew it would be impactful and strong in terms of makeup. I like that the colours are sort of strong and muted at the same time, and that it embodies Klee's colour theory and his childlike painting style, in the rough and quick outlines and filling in. It's almost like a page from a colouring book, and I love it.

For this one, I only used face paints and mascara, obviously you can use eyeliner for the outline, but I just used what was closest to me (hey, I'm lazy like that). I really like this art eye, it was really easy to do, although it took some time, and it's really fun to outline the shapes! I think it looks so good from far away, and it kinda reminds me of Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. 

I hope you all enjoyed this art eye, hopefully I will have some more of these up soon. Just a quick update to let you all know that I made it into university to study makeup! I am so excited about it, and although it means I might not have enough time to spend on this blog, I will try my hardest and I will be a lot better than I was when I started this blog! Thank you so much for reading.