July's Hidden Gem's

Hey everyone! Something a little bit different from me this time around. I've been wanting to introduce something a bit different and chatty to this blog for a while. It does take me a while to plan and prepare for the art eye posts so I am very aware that I don't post regularly. I feel like it would be nice if everyone got to know me a bit better and we just had a little bit of a natter. So grab a cuppa and prepare to find out about what I have been loving this month.

July has been a pretty exciting month music wise because my favourite artist, Gabrielle Aplin, has released three singles from her upcoming album (due in September which is way too long to wait). Unsurprisingly I have loved every single song so far. One of the reasons Gabrielle is my favourite is her lyrics, she has such a talent for songwriting and it allows you to connect with every single word that she sings beautifully. I also love the brilliant instrumental aspect of her songs which you can't often find in the top 40 these days. She recently released 'What Did You Do?' on Spotify and Youtube, and it is available if you pre order her album. I have had it on repeat for about three days now and I can't get enough.

This month saw the finale of 'My Mad Fat Diary', all of which you can watch on 4od right now, and what an emotional rollercoaster that was. Ending its last series with three incredible episodes, we saw Rae make her hardest decision yet and learn that sometimes you need to be strong for yourself and not for anyone else. This show has been fantastic, the storyline, the characters and the wonderful music (of which you can find a playlist on Spotify which I have also been loving this month, which I will include in this post) are all perfectly combined. Sharon Rooney (the actress who plays Rae) deserves so much recognition for playing such a hard and difficult role so well. I have loved this programme so much because it resonates with me so much and I was sad to see it end but happy that it ended how it should of, not with the ultimate happy ending, or the saddest twist, but with Rae actually living her life, something she has never been able to do until that moment. I would 100% recommend this.

Summer is one of my favourite months, and although right now in England it is raining and barely summer now but we will just forget about that. I have been loving stripes so much, they are so summery and work with basically everything. In particular I have two pieces I have been loving. One is an oversized top with thin navy stripes from H&M, the other is a smock dress from Primark which has bold blue stripes. Both of them are so comfy and easy to wear in the day and night with the right accessories. Love, love, love.

And lastly, my beauty favourite has been the Maybelline Colour Drama lip pencil in Fab Orange. It is gorgeous! It's not a pure orange, it does lean a little on the red side but it is absolutely lovely. The product is really comfortable to wear, it lasts for a long time, and it also smells really nice. You can just apply it from the pencil but it is a bit big and my lips are very thin so I tend to use a lip brush to get a crisp edge. But oh my god it is such a nice colour for a summer evening. I may have to make a blog post about my go to Summer Evening Makeup just to include this lip pencil!

That is it folks, hopefully some decent recommendations for you there. Unfortunately summer seems to have left us early this year in the UK, but I have a secret love for Autumn so I'm not too fussed! Seeing as I have lot's of spare time at the moment, I am going to try my hardest to blog loads in August, so make sure you keep up with me on social media! Until next time.