The Best Makeup Tutorials for Glasses Wearers

Hey everyone! Most of you won't know that in my blogging break, I acquired glasses and am now suffering with all the issues that go along with it, makeup wise that is. And what do you do when you have a problem? Turn to the Internet of course. There are thousands of makeup tutorials for glasses wearers out there and some of them are really useful, and of course you don't have to wear glasses to do these makeup looks, they still look just as amazing on a frame free face. So instead of creating another tutorial for you, I thought I would share with you some of my favourites.

Now, just to address the main issues we face.

  1. The rubbing off of makeup when the glasses sit on our nose and around the frames.
  2. Making sure you eyes are well defined.
  3. What to do with our eyebrows
  4. The balance of the makeup.

By far the best, all round makeup tutorial I have found that covers all this, my holy grail glasses tutorial if you will, is by Sharon Farrell. If you don't know who Sharon is, you should totally check her out, she is AMAZING. I have watched her for years now and I love pretty much everything she does. She has such a soothing voice, she knows what she is talking about because she is a very talented makeup artist, and she is a very good teacher and just an all round beautiful person. But this tutorial was a life saver when I first got glasses. She took problems and tips that were sent in to her on facebook by people that actually wear glasses and explained her solutions, being a glasses wearer herself. It has great tips for the slight changes you should make to your everyday makeup to keep up with your frames.

Tanya Burr, one of the sweetest British youtubers, wears glasses occasionally, and has collaborated with specsavers to bring us two glasses looks, one day time and the other evening. There are more tips and advice in the daytime video, but the eye in the evening one is divine. These two videos focus on the eye makeup and how to make your eyes stand out behind your lenses.

The next video is from the youtube channel charissechristine23. I absolutely love this makeup, and it is a brilliant example of how you can use bolder colours and get away with it because of how you glasses tone down the colours. She also demonstrates how this can be used instead of heavy eyeliner, so if you aren't into a cat eye, or if it doesn't flatter your eye shape than going bolder with your eyeshadow colour is a safe bet, or even softly defining your eyes with a darker eyeshadow can work just as well.

This tutorial from the Real Technique youtube channel, featuring their creator Sam Chapman, is perfect for a smokey and office appropriate makeup. In this video she shows us how to make our eyes bigger or small, which would depend on your prescription as to which you would use. The makeup is really simple, quick and easy which makes it perfect for everyday. If you didn't already know, I am obsessed with Pixiwoo so they were bound to sneak into this list somewhere.

Probably the most similar to my quick everyday makeup is this tutorial by Essie Button. She opts for the simple yet defining eyeliner with a flick and bolder brows. This is again perfect for an everyday look, because it's not too complicated and done up and is the perfect balance between subtle and glam.

We glasses wearers do still like to party and hands down the best video's for glam glasses makeup looks come from Hayley Kassel. Being drop dead gorgeous probably helps a lot, as well as being sassy af, but Kassels has a whole bunch of glam glasses looks from berry lips to blue eyeliner to an all over dewy face. Definitely check out all of her glasses tutorials, I'll leave her entire playlist linked, because she is amazing at what she does.

The last tutorial I love is by The Vintage Vision, and sometimes you just want, or need, to get a bit grungy. I personally felt like it was hard to pull off grungy with glasses because they are so structural and defining on your face, basically the opposite of what a grunge look is. That was until I watched this tutorial. Honestly, I absolutely love this, its quick, simple, easy and effective. Its one eyeshadow, a brown pencil and mascara and you have a stunning grungy eye. She balances this out with the famous Mac Soar Lip Liner and makes this look perfectly '90s.

So there you have it, hopefully after watching all of these videos you will have mastered the art of makeup for glasses. I know that I spent a lot of time watching videos when I first got my glasses and some weren't as useful as I had wished. I hope I have helped someone by shortlisting the tutorials I found most helpful and saved you hours of youtube watching.