Dots: The Newest Trend

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to talk about something I have seen becoming increasingly popular in the makeup community, and that is dots. If you follow fashion show makeup and editorial makeup looks you will know that dots have been used by many different artists for years. A more recent example is Pat McGrath (an inspired makeup look here) at the Louis Vuitton Cruise Show, where the models were freshed faced and accompanied by dots either above or below their bushy brows. Filter that down into real life terms, the more daring makeup wearers have taken this trend on but translating it into an undereye dot. Let me show you what I am talking about.

This is actually very good for making your eyes appear optically larger, think halo eye but geometric. As it is placed under the pupil it will optical increase the size of the eye, which is why I think it works so well with 1940's looks where black liner is key. Actually this isn't technically a new thing, it reminds me of the 60's and Twiggy's almost dotty drawn on lower lashes. Although that being said, it does look nice as a statement when you keep the top lid nude. And they don't just have to be black, go crazy with your colour choice. The easiest way to achieve this is to use a cotton bud, or even the end of your eyeliner brush. The eye is not a flat surface, so trying to draw a dot, especially on the temperamental area of the lower lash line is almost impossible. You could even use a gem and a bit of eyelash glue if you wanted to bling it up. Of course this isn't the only way to incorporate dots into your eye makeup. Although the undereye dot may be the most popular right now, dots can be introduced into your look in many different ways, without looking like I am doing a pop art makeup look.

A dot or a gem in the highlight colour by the tear duct opens up the eye, and is a refreshing change from the usually highlight placement on the inner corner.

Dots following alongside your cat eye flick is fun, and great to make a small statement. Make even more of a bang by using a different or bright colour, or again use gems (Benefits brow bling anyone?)

Take a leaf out of Pat McGraths book and go out and get dotty on your brows. For the more adventurous of us, maybe if you are going to a concert or festival or anything along those line where it is acceptable to go ham on your makeup.

So there you have it. Some different ways to jazz up your makeup with the hottest new trend, dots. Unexpectedly wearable (maybe not the brows), when done right dot's can bring something new and edgy to your makeup.