Art Eye: A Bigger Splash, David Hockney

Hey everyone, so I thought it had been a long time since I had done an art eye, and I was feeling very creative so this week I have done a David Hockney inspired makeup.

This is one of his most famous paintings, 'A Bigger Splash'. Although it is aesthetically pleasing, I actually find this piece really interesting in it's concept. Everything in the painting is done with a paint roller, except from the splash itself. This allows the splash to be so dynamic and a central object because everything is flat and geometric, creating a perfect contrast between stillness and movement. This is obviously done to heighten that contrast however I feel like it is also a reflection of the context. At the time of this painting Hockney was fascinated with the high life in LA achieved through fame and fortune. This is obviously portrayed through this piece because they have pool in their backyard, a sign of wealth anywhere. However, the deeper meaning of it is isolation, there are no people in this painting, it's still apart from this one splash that we presume if made by one individual. And that really is a metaphor for fame at that time. This painting is definitely more than a splash.