AUB: My Degree

Hello everyone! So, considering I am doing a degree in Makeup for the next three years, I thought I would update you a bit on what I am doing and give an overview because I am sure most of you reading this are interested in makeup and this will hopefully be helpful to someone out there or at least interesting.

Before I go on, I'll just give you a quick overview of my course and what we are doing at the moment. I am taking Makeup and Hair for Media and Performance at Art University Bournemouth (AUB as it's more commonly known) which is one of the best courses for makeup in the country. Of 670 applicant, they choice 67 people for the course, that is literally a 1 in 10 chance of getting in, which I was very pleased and excited to learn in my induction week. On this course we focus not just on the fundamentals of makeup and learn the makeup artist trade but we go in depth and learn to become innovators, we will eventually be the people designing the makeup looks for other makeup artists to do. The course isn't just practical either, we work on contextual studies (which suits me fine because I love writing and my art history teacher taught me how to write a well worded essay and review). As well as writing essays for our Practise in Context unit, we also have to work on research and technical log books to go alongside our fundamental studies unit.

Our Makeup Kit
Photo courtesy of : @justgingemuaxox

So my first week was pretty much a general induction to the uni, and to the course (pretty much everything I just said in the above paragraph). Our second week, we actually started working and got our brief for fundamental studies which I am really excited about because it is completely perfect for me. Taking influence from the Pre Raphaelites, design a contemporary makeup for an Elie Saab runway show. I know a lot about the Pre Raphaelites, and although some of their work is a bit wishy washy some of the art from the time is my favourite. And if you follow me on pinterest (if you don't you really should, linked here for you) you will know the Elie Saab is my absolute favourite fashion designer. So this brief was really perfect for me because I actually really enjoyed the research and I knew where to find the best stuff already.  It's at this stage I would like to thank myself for choosing to do art history at a level because the basis of what we have to do in our logs books is exactly the same as what I had to do for my art history course work. In fact art history is a perfect A level to take if you are thinking of go into makeup because you learn how to analyse and write critically and contextually which are very important on this course. My hand in for this unit was on the 26th of November so it is all done and dusted and we will have to wait for our feedback until the new year. Our next unit is called fantasy and contemporary and you can probably guess that most people are excited to move onto this unit which focuses more on character work and that side of the industry. I am honestly not sure where I want to go yet, I want to see what I am good at, where my strengths are and work towards something I can do well but still enjoy. 

So there it is, a little overview of my course and how I went about the first unit of my degree. I am really enjoying it, the course is brilliant, the lecturers and tutors are helpful and the people in my class are all wonderful. I know this isn't really a festive post like the others but I have been on a bit of a hiatus for a while and it has simply been because of the adjustment to uni and me wanting to devote as much times as possible to my uni work. I am going to try very hard in the new year to make sure I keep on track. There you have it, what I have been doing for the last few months in a very long winded nutshell.

HG x