Makeup Revolution 2016 Haul and Swatches

Hey everyone! Day 7 of the big advent calendar and today I am doing a big haul for you. As you will know from my birthday blog post, I got a bunch of the Makeup Revolution Holiday sets for my birthday and even though I was super excited to just dip my face into the makeup, I refrained and decided I would do an unboxing haul and swatches.

Makeup Revolution Salvation Lip Collection 

This set contains 6 lip products, which are all very pigmented lip products. There are three types, Velvet which dry to a matte finish, Intense which are pigmented glosses and Ultra Velour which are liquid lipsticks. I really love that you get a range of colours, you get a really nice light pink nude and it goes down to a deep dark purple colour. I love lipsticks, not that I wear bold colours that often, but I will definitely be trying these out. From the arm swatches you can see how pigmented they are, these are all one swipe. I am really impressed with the red gloss, it's completely opaque and amazing. The only colour I wasn't impressed with was the Ultra Velour purple because as you can see in the picture it's slightly patchy so you need a few coats. I never thought that I would suit bright barbie pink but I actually think that it looks really nice in this picture!

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush & Highlight Expert

This box comes with a  highlight and blush palette and two brushes. I am very excited about the highlight palette, because I have recently been highlighting to the extreme, and have added it to my everyday routine. I love this palette because there are some extremely bright highlights in here but also some subtle ones, and the last colour is more of a sheen, so this is really versatile. The blush palette is good, they are all completely matte shade which is good because I actually don’t like shimmery blush because I feel it looks to obvious on my skin. These aren't the best brushes in the world, and I don't really expect them to be, but they work really well with powder products.

Makeup Revolution 144 Eyeshadow Palette 2016 Collection

I know most of you are thinking, who needs 144 eyeshadows, and the answer is me (I DO!!!). When I do my 'art eyes' I find it so hard to find the right tones and colour so a lot of the time I rely on face paint which is good but sometimes I want an eyeshadow to make it more subtle. This palette is perfect for what I need. There is a good mix of neutrals and bright colours, matte and shimmer and very metallic shades. Some are not very pigmented but most are actually okay and blend well. I am really impressed with this palette. I didn't swatch every single 144 colours, but I did a few that are a mixture of tones and textures. 

Makeup Revolution Ultra Professional Collection

This box is the biggest and has three brushes, an eye primer, eyeliner, eyeshadow palette, two lipsticks and glosses, a bronzer, blush and highlight kit and a single highlight. These eye brushes are really good, on is a flat brush for packing on shadows and works really well to pack on glitter shades and retain the shadows texture. The other brush is a small blending brush, it reminds me of the Zoeva Petite Crease Brush and it quite hard so doesn't disperse the shadow too far, good for concentrated blending. I have used many MUR Eyeshadows and these are just the same pigmented quality, these shades are all slightly shimmery and they are so pigmented and blend so well, can't praise them enough. The liner and eye primer actually work every well, when I first saw the liner I thought the brush wasn't going to be very good but actually you can get very fine lines with it, but I don't love the formulation. The lipsticks are slightly sheer but work to give a nice touch of colour on the lips. The glosses are nice and pigmented (sorry I don't have a swatch of these, must have forgotten about them!). The blush and bronzer kit is something that most brands have but I think the blush in this is slightly more peach and I really like that because it suits my skin. And this highlighter is super pigmented and just so gorgeous!

And that is it, another long haul but I hope you guys enjoyed it and maybe you will be buying these kits as a gift for someone this year, I think they make really good gifts for makeup lovers! Hope you enjoyed this one, and sorry its a bit later than usual.



  1. Thank you so much for doing this amazing haul! I was searching all over the net for swatches or any review for "MUR's Ultra Professional Collection 2016" :D. finally I found your post. I ordered MUR Salvation Lip Collection and Highlight & Blush kit yesterday. Salvation Lip collection looks amazing ! and I just ordered Ultra Professional Collection 2016. Can you confirm what are the shades of lip glosses & lipsticks in this pack? Is there any name or number? Lastly, Is liquid liner matte or shimmery? Thanks :)

    1. Hiya, thank you, this is a really impressive collection. The pack didn't have any name or number on them for the shades, however I think that the two lipsticks are the shades Nude and Lady from their Amazing Lipsticks line, and the lipglosses are in the shade Nude Shimmer and Raspberry from the Amazing Lip Gloss line! Hope this helps!!! :) x

    2. Also the liner dries matte :)

    3. Thanks :) sounds great ! now I'm just waiting to get my parcel. Hope I'll receive mine soon :)

  2. nice products! I was looking for revews of these lipglosses to buy some from the official site of Revolution Cosmetics and found it here! Thank you also for swatches, it was really interesting for me.
    will you write a post about this big make up set in details? I think it would be interesting :)
    Have a nice day!

    1. I can do, but I thought that out of all of them the big one was the most disappointing products wise, although I do really like the brushes in this one!


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