My Favourite Christmas Films and Music

Hey everyone! Day 13 and a bit of a chill Sunday post. Today I thought that we would take a little beauty break and chat about something a little more festive, which I will be doing more so towards the 24th. Who doesn't love a bit of Christmas music in the car or to snuggle up and watch a Christmas film? I'll be sharing with you my favourites today!


I simple cannot pick from all of my favourite Christmas films, it is really hard. This list isn't going to be anything profound because I am fairly sure most people watch pretty much the same Christmas films, but yah know what sometimes you forget about a good old classic and you just need reminding.

Elf - This film is a modern classic, everyone loves it because it is so funny, so festive and just a really good film. The idea behind it is really sweet and heart warming, but it can make you belly laugh as well. I love that so many people know quotes from this film. Its that film you watch as soon as it start feeling Christmassy just so you get into the festive spirit.

White Christmas - With my love of old films, this has to be on my list and I do really love this film. Most of you will probably know the song White Christmas but have probably not seen the film. It is so good, such a festive film with a brilliant story line and is so uplifting! I strongly recommend this film, if you haven't watched it , go and fall in love with it right now.

The Holiday - This may be slightly controversial, but I think I might prefer this film to Love Actually (not that I don't love Love Actually, I really do but this one just wins by a little bit more). The Holiday is a film that I love but a lot of people I know haven't actually seen. It stars Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Jude Law and Cameron Diaz, and the two main females swap homes over Christmas to escape their ex's. It's a really nice rom com, and it makes my mum cry so you know that it can pull someone's heart strings.

Nativity - This film is slightly more recent, I think it's about three or four years old. It is such an uplifting film, it's got a really cute cast of children and the ever perfect Martin Freeman in, who is just a genius at everything he is in. The plot is really sweet, but the best part about this film is the songs, because they are so sweet and just remind me of Christmas at Infant School and how exciting everything was!

Muppet's Christmas Carol - If you know me, this should come at no surprise because this is my number one favourite Christmas film. It is brilliant, I love the Muppet's anyway but this also has Michael Caine in which is just a bonus in every film in my opinion. It follows the famous Dickens story (which is also a good book, I would suggest it if you haven't read it already) but with a few songs and jokes thrown in. I watch this every Christmas Eve without fail with my family, it's our tradition and it never gets old.


So, if you want to have a really good playlist of Christmas songs you should check out my Christmas Playlist on Spotify. This has all my favourite crimbo songs, a good mix of classic and old songs, I would totally check it out if you are interested!

Michael Bublé deserves a special mention here because his Christmas album is a reliable go to to make it instantly festive! I love this listen to his album when we are decorating because it's so upbeat and gets everyone excited for Christmas.

I am really enjoying Sam Smiths version of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, firstly because Sam Smith, need I say anything else. But this songs is such a classic and he puts a really nice twist on it without taking away from the song.

The classics that everyone loves will always be my favourites as well. All I Want for Christmas Is You, Last Christmas, Merry Xmas Everybody, Fairytale of New York and Merry Christmas Everyone (Shakin' Stevens of course) are some of my all time favourite Xmas songs!

Two of my favourite's a bit more on the sad side, but are still Christmassy. Coldplays, Christmas Lights and 200 Miles by the Pretenders are brilliant songs which are still festive but a bit more in depth than a bog standard Christmas Hit. I think song's like these are my favourites because I love that type of music, but these just have that festive twist that make them December appropriate.

Those are all my favourite films and songs, let me know yours by commenting below or telling me on my social media pages (links to the right). Hopefully you have found a new favourite today, see you tomorrow for another instalment of Hidden Gem's Advent Calendar.