Red Ombre Lips

Hey Everyone! Today for Day 8 of HG Advent Calendar I have done a small tutorial of how to do a Red Ombre Lip! I know that I love to wear red lip's during the festive season but this puts a little twist on it to make it more interesting. I also love this method of making any lip colour ombre, it works with most lipsticks and just makes a look a little bit more interesting and fun. I learnt this method from Glam & Gore who has a video on it I suggest you check out. 

So that's it for today, hopefully this is clear and helpful! Thank you for all your support this month, I really appreciate it and don't forget to check back tomorrow so another post and also check out my social media pages if you want to ask me anything!


p.s - Have an extra photo of my Kim Possible Impression for your viewing pleasure.