Starry Night

Hey everyone! Day 19 of my advent calendar and a bit more of a creative look today. I've seen so many festive eye looks on Reddit and Youtube, and I have to admit, they are stealing my thunder a little bit. I had all these looks planned but they seem to be so popular this year so I wanted to take it back a notch. I thought, instead of going all out, bells and whistles, I would take it back to being really simple but still impactful. Instead of going with the candy cane, red and green festive eye makeup I wanted to be a bit more subtle. 

So I took inspiration from a few things for this look. One of my favourite books as a child was sort of Christmas/Winter related, it's called Penguin Post and it's all about a penguin, Milo who is from a family of post penguins. He has to deliver the post as his parents look after his soon to be baby brother. The last parcel he delivers is to a star and is a small bottle of tiny stars which she scatters around the sky. The illustration is so beautiful in the book and always reminds me of cold Christmas evenings. 

The other thing that inspired me was the art works of one of my favourite Christmas songs, 'Christmas Lights', by Coldplay (fun fact, this song was actually released on my birthday in 2010). The artwork is by a Japanese Artist, Yu Matsuoka Pol, who prints and paints using oil paint. The artwork for this looks like stars in the sky, but of course, because of the song, is Christmas Lights in London. It reminded me of this illustration and made me want to create this starry eye with a blue, watercolour looking base. 

So after the incredibly long introduction, let's just have a look at the makeup!

Although this is really simple, I absolutely love this! I love how it is still festive but not in an obvious way. Hope you enjoyed this post, and check back tomorrow for another Christmas blog post!


P.S - Just a disclaimer, of course you don't want to get anything that isn't suppose to be in your eyeball in your eye so be careful when using small things like this on your eye. I knew I wasn't going to be wearing this for long but I still made sure to be leaning forward to that I couldn't accidently drop anything into my eyeball and used caution when applying. It isn't as much as a risk with these because they are quite large but things like glitter should always be cosmetic grade when it is going onto your eyelid because having craft glitter in your eye can be incredibly dangerous. If you are ever using a material that hasn't been tested on skin for avant garde makeup, make sure that you can easily take it off and that if is starts to feel weird on your skin you remove it immediately, no instagram picture is worth inflamed skin or going blind in one eye.