Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Hey everyone! Day 4 of the blog advent and today I'm going to delve into my wardrobe rather than my makeup bag and bring you some essential pieces in my wardrobe for this season.

Jumpers are the most essential piece for any winter wardrobe. The best place I find for jumpers is usually Primark men's section, because they are so baggy and cosy, but you get a really good jumper for the price. The green jumper here is from Primark men's sections from last year, but they have lots of different jumpers throughout winter so I am sure you will find something you like. The mustard jumper is last years from H&M and I also have it in grey, they are so oversized and cosy they are great if you are having a lazy clothes day. The last jumper is a recent purchase from ASOS and I love it! It's a tartan in Christmas colour and then surprise Christmas tree elbow patches! I will definitely be wearing this on Christmas Eve.

This jumper gets a special mention. This is from the womens Primark section and is a navy turtle neck jumper. It's the same wool as fluffy socks are made from and it is honestly so comfy and soft, great for when it is super cold, maybe even when it is snowing. 

Black skinny jeans is a daily staple for me but in the winter they are so easy to pull on in the morning because they just go with everything and if you are anything like me I find it even harder to get out of bed in the mornings in winter time, so anything I know is going to match whatever jumper I am wearing (which I probably found on my bedroom floor if we are being honest)it good with me. I specifically like this pair because they fit me really well, I find a lot of jeans have the gap at the back on me, but these are a perfect fit.

Of course everyone has to have a winter coat, but I like to have two. My everyday coat is the green parka, which is easy to throw on, is lightweight but still keeps you warm. This one is from matalan. The other coat is my more formal coat that I wear when I am feeling more fancy or have an event to go to. This coat is a few years old and is from Asda, they actually do great coats and jumpers there.

Hats are another staple, I have two which I usually wear. They grey one is from accessorise and is really warm and a dark grey which suits me. The other is a dark green and one that I actually crochet myself and I love it because it is really slouchy.

Scarf are something I wear every single day, I just love them. My two favourite are this taupe and gold one from New Look and this black and beige check that is a hand me down from my nan, so I have no idea where it is from, but scarves like this are really popular so I am sure you can find some anywhere.

Boots are a must have and these are my favorites. I can't remember where I got these from but they are brown chelsea boots with a heel and I love them. I don't wear them everyday because of the heel but when I want to look nice I usually wear these boots, and they feel so wintery and country-ish, I love them.

Those are all my winter essentials. Hope I have given you some ideas and inspiration for you wardrobe. Let me know what your favourite piece of winter clothing is in the comments!