Winter's Hidden Gems!

Hey everyone! Day 9 of the blog Advent and today I am sharing some of my winter favourites or 'hidden gems' (see what I did there).

Obviously my favourite drink in winter has to be hot chocolate, it's perfect for when you are snuggling on the sofa watching TV. My favourite hot chocolate is the Options one, I don't like the Cadbury's hot chocolate because it's a bit bitter in my opinion. I do also like the Costa hot chocolate and I love their christmas cups but my student funds can't quite go far enough to cover the cost! 

Also a favourite which you will find all over my bedroom is fairy lights, I love them even more in the winter because they just make any room festive and cosy. These ones are from Lidl, and are surprisingly really good. Lidl actually had lots of different shapes in the same style as this so definitely go check them out if you want fairy lights that won't cost you the earth! I also have a lot of fairy lights from Primark, so I recommend having a look in there as well.

This post is probably mainly made up of music because I travel into uni by train everyday so I listen to music every single day on the train, and when I get home, and every other time in between. These two albums have been my favourite so far this December. I've talked about Gabrielle Aplin before on here and she is one of my favourite artists ever, and this album is so so so good. My favourites from it are Slip Away, Fools Love and The House We Never Built. Yes, I got a signed copy because I love her that much. And then we have the queen, Adele, my favourite person ever and her new album! I am in love with it, it's so good and I can't get enough. And another album I have been loving is one I don't own in a physical copy, and that is Ellie Goulding's new album, it's really good, and one of those album you can just stick on and love every song. I especially like Codes and Around U. Also I have been loving Justin Bieber at the moment, just because his album is really good and he is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine.

So that is it for my Winter Hidden Gem's, just a few album that I have been enjoying this month! Let me know what you are loving on my twitter and Instagram and check back tomorrow for another post!