Review: Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave Palette

It's been a hot minute since my last post, so when I decided to treat myself to this palette I thought I would do a review for you guys. You loved my last Makeup Revolution post, so I hope you like this one as well. Lets get into it!

This is the Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave palette which was designed with Britishbeautyblogger, whose reviews I love by the way definitely check her out, and she attempted to make an 'every woman' palette. I can say I think she has succeeded and that the shade range and diversity in this palette is unlike anything I have seen, it's so unique and interesting which makes this palette a must have for any woman. You can really see the amount of effort and work that has gone into the palette, in the shadows and the design, and it really had a gorgeous result so well done Jane!

 Front of the Box

 Back of Box

 Front of Palette

The packaging of the palette is so nice and sleek. I love that the box it comes in has the shade picture on the back, because it looks so pretty I might have to cut it out and put it on a moodboard or something. It feels really luxurious and a bit more sturdy than other MUR palette I have. It's a big bigger than their standard palette size, but it's too big. The thing I love about it is the massive mirror which makes this perfect for travelling as you could definitely use it as a makeup mirror. The actually shadows are slightly smaller than a regular shadow size but only slightly and you do get 30 colours so I can completely understand that change. I really like the layout inside the palette as well, often palettes are laid out strangely so it's hard to see colour combinations but this is group by colours and you can almost divide it into four different colour sections. 

 Open Palette

 Close Up of Palette

 Eyeshadow Names

There is a large diversity of colours in this palette, there's greens, blue, purples, warm and cool browns, neutral colours, highly pigmented glitter shades and these beautiful galactic looking colours which make this palette drool worthy, and super instagrammable. I can see this working for some many different people, there will always be colours that will suit you in this palette and it allows you to have some fun with other colours if you want. The only colour some people might miss is a silver shade, but if you know me well you will know I hate silver eyeshadow on myself so I'm not complaining. 

 Top Row Swatches

 Second Row Swatches

 Third Row Swatches

 Fourth Row Swatches

As you can see from these swatches, some shades are more pigmented than others, a given in most palettes, but my god these colours are so beautiful. There's a good mixture of mattes and shimmers, and when a shadows good, boy is it good. Also note that these swatches are without a primer which will help with pigmentation (my favourite eye primer is actually Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix). Some of my favourite shades include Transformer,  Green Machine, Fortune, Drama Queen, Super Gold, Sunset Hour Golden Coins and Favor. As you can tell I am a glitter gal. I am super impressed with the black shade, Blacqua, which is only 1 swipe swatch in this picture, and is super pigmented with little fall out. Another surprise was Transformer, which is so soft and pigmented and a lovely deep teal, green colour. The top row really reminds me of the Sleek Storm Palette, so if you love that you will definitely like this palette. The fourth row is completely my favourite and a shout out to Super Gold for being such a stunning and pigmented colour.

 Brush Close Up

Special mention to the brush they included which I would not throw away like I do with the traditional sponge application. This little brush is actually a really nice brush for getting a super defined yet blended crease. Think of a Sigma E36 brush, it's the perfect size and shape for the crease. I honestly would probably buy this palette just for this brush which I know is ridiculous! 

For the price, a bargain at £10, I would highly recommend this palette. This shades are lovely and perfect for anyone who like both natural and colourful makeup. It truly is an every woman palette and I think it's really well thought out for actually makeup lovers and such a unique palette to own, as well as being beautiful enough to sit on your dressing table. I also think this is a really nice palette for lots of different ages, if you are just getting into makeup it give you the chance to play around with colour, but is also suitable for mature woman because the shades are flattering and mature. So many smokey eye options!!! 

Hopefully this have you some insight into this lovely palette, feel free to comment and follow me if you have any questions or want to see any of my future posts and reviews. Also check out my instagram for some eye looks using this palette!