Art Eye: Sancta Lilias, Dante Gabriel Rossetti

I'm back with another Art Eye, or in this case face, look for you guys. I decided to go for a bit of a change and work on my entire face for this one. I am looking at a Rossetti painting called Sancta Lilia, which is actually an unfinished painting from this Pre-Raphaelite painter.

I've always wanted to do a Pre-Raphaelite painting, not because it's my favourite era but because the women in the painting are so beautifully ethereal, with pale but glowing skin and rose red lips, they are the perfect inspiration for makeup! Of course my interpretation slight deviates from the natural look these women sported. I chose this specific painting because although it appears to be another portrait, her skin appears to be made up of layers of interesting colour choices. What really inspired me was the rosey glow of her cheek bone and the almost blue hollow of her cheek. This is why I wanted to work with thin and watery layers of face paint to build up dimension and shading that same way this artist had.

I'm really happy with the outcome of this, it's a bit different from my usual takes on art work but I feel like certain elements definitely refelct and editorial look. I have a lot of new 'Art Eyes' ideas check out my blog and instagram for updates!