Art Eye | Justin Gaffrey

 The Inspiration

Justin Gaffrey is a contemporary artist who I discovered about 5 years ago when I was searching for different uses of acrylic paint. I came across a tumblr page of his work and was stunned by paintings. I say paintings, but Gaffrey's use of paint is completely unlike anything I've seen and so unique. Using a vast amount of acrylic paint, he actually sculpts shapes and forms using the paint, swirling in different colours to create depth and interest. This video of him working shows you just how well he has perfected his technique. I've been following his works for years now so I thought he would be perfect as my next source of inspiration. I chose to look at one of his floral paintings, seen above, because they were easier shapes to replicate. I wanted to keep the the 3D element of his work, so I decided to make flowers using modelling clay (which was also partly inspired by Greta Agazzi) and stick them onto my eyebrow, just a casual Saturday for me. I am so thrilled with how this turned out, it has clear inspiration from the painting but has a real editorial and feminine vibe which I love. Hope you enjoyed this post, don't forget to check out my social media pages to see what I am up to and when my next post is up.