REVIEW | Zoeva Plaisir Box

Hello everyone, long time no blog! I couldn't wait to share this with you guys because I am so enthusiastic about this, which is a bit of a spoiler. A month and a half ago it was my birthday, and to celebrate I decided I wanted to get the Zoeva Plaisir Box as a gift to myself as my uni deadline was also the day after my birthday. I am so pleased I did. Although this may seem like a pricey item, costing £48, you get three eyeshadow palettes with 10 shadows each. Breaking that down you are paying £1.60 per eyeshadow. The palettes are available separately so you have the option of buying a specific one you are after, however as a single palette they are £18, meaning you save £6 buying the box if you wish to have all three. If you are after something that makes a special gift, this is it. The packaging is gorgeous and sleek, as it comes in it's own box which is decorate with gold as are the palettes. One set back is that the palettes do not include a mirror, which means it might be a pain to travel with, however day to day this does not affect me personally when doing my makeup.

Overall all three palettes share the same quality, which is the thing that impressed me the most. The quality of the eyeshadows is amazing when you compare the price. I may make a very bold statement and say that these are the best formulation of eyeshadow that I have used. They are soft but insanely pigmented and effortless to blend. The shadows that are glittery are so pigmented, they are definitely the stand out shades from the palette, but the mattes are equally as impressive. On first impression I felt Blanc Fusion would be the palette I wouldn't reach for as much but I actually use it the most due to the row of mattes which are perfect for everyday makeup. Caramel Melange may just win my heart with the insanely metallic copper shade which looks amazing against my blue eyes! The mix of colours is also impressive, the basics are covered and then we have pops of copper, bright yellow, coral, cranberry and purple. I am incredibly impressed, and I would highly recommend any Zoeva eyeshadow palettes, as I truly believe they are the best quality eyeshadow you can get for such a low price. Zoeva has been a brand I have always been curious about, as you only hear it mentioned here and there on youtube when it comes to their makeup products, when really it deserves a lot more attention and praise. I do have some brushes, the best in my collection, so overall I think Zoeva has won my makeup heart!