Hey everyone! So in an effort to update you on what I've been up to recently, I thought I'd share with you a little series I did on my YouTube and Instagram. For the last week of June, which is pride month if you didn't know, (not that we can't celebrate pride 24/7 let's be honest) I created 6 different looks using a different colour as the focus. I wanted to create a wide section of looks from simple to complex, glam to natural and so on. All of these looks would be amazing for a pride festival or event, I know there are many coming up in the UK, so hopefully I have inspired you to be creative with your makeup!


For this series I wanted to be creative with my video editing, I love this type of stylised videos, my inspirations are Mariah Leonard and Sharon Farrell, both of which are brilliant youtubers! I'm a little fed up of the dubstep house mix used in pretty much all makeup tutorials, I used music that's a bit more chill and suits me better than the 'duff duff' and I think it makes for a cool and relaxing video. Let me know your thoughts about my videos because I know there's always something I can improve on!

Moving on, I posted just a focus on the eye on my instagram, and a few more pictures on my twitter (so if you want to see some extra stuff make sure to follow me on there, link is in the sidebar) but I thought I'd share a few on here as well for your viewing pleasure.

Hope you enjoyed these videos and looks, have a great day and always support people for being themselves.

Gem x