THE BIG RETURN // Getting Back into Blogging

Hey everyone, very long time no see, or hear. As you may have realised I've been absent from this blog for about six months now. If you happen to follow me on insta, youtube or twitter, (links in the sidebar if you happen to want to follow me which of course you do) you'll know I've sort of transitioned onto those platforms. I have completely fallen in love with the creative and editorial makeup I can share on my instagram and the community of like minded people who inspire me every day. What a cheesy sentence that was, but true nonetheless. If you want to see my super creative and slightly weird makeup's, make sure to check out my instagram! However I have recently found myself wanting to come back to this blog, in fact it's a few months in the making. Truly I had forgotten what this blog looked like, I remember being so proud of design this blog myself but now I realise it is a, outdated and b, very immature and unprofessional. So to make myself look slightly more professional I have attempted to update and restyle my blog, something to suit my newer aesthetic. I know a lot of people have enjoyed my reviews and makeup based posts, and I love writing them as well so I'm pleased to tell you that I'm going to pick up this blog again. This post simply serves as a greeting card, just to say a quick hello again, inform you of my upcoming insight and review of my entire makeup collection (we shall see how far into that I will go into the reviewing but I'll start with the big ticket items first), and just let you know that I'm loving writing for this blog again. I'll also do another cheeky plug and tell you to follow me on all my other social media, insta, twitter, youtube and such as I am posting on all of these platform frequently, that's right there has been a few more youtube videos from me! I'm still not 100% about my video editing skills but still, I really have fallen in love with the process of creating content, from the concept, makeup and the editing. A very long and rambly greeting card but there you go, enjoy the rest of your day! 

Gem x