An Editorial Look

Sometimes you sit down to film a video, and it just doesn't work out (twice in fact). Usually I'd just call it a day, but I was feeling too creative and some sort of metallic alien string editorial look was born from my brain. I have to say I absolutely love how it came out, it's one of those times when I'm just so happy with the outcome of my work so I thought I would share it on here, and show off a few more pictures that I haven't posted on instagram or twitter. This is actually one rare occasion for me as I've ended up with loads of pictures that I like so it was kinda hard to decide which ones to post. I have a few pictures from each stage of the makeup, staring off with the basic concept and then it was just me adding drips and splatter to get the final makeup. Anyway, here's the look with a full product list, enjoy the journey...


Makeup Revolution 2016 Highlighter Palette

Makeup Revolution 2016 Highlighter Palette


Nail Art Striping Tape
(I got mine from amazon, but you can find them everywhere quite cheaply)
Water Based Lube
(lols but seriously make sure it's water based if you are planning to use it around the face)

I really hope you love this just as much as I enjoyed creating it! Don't forget to follow me on instagram and twitter to keep up my most recent looks, posts and thoughts.

Gem x