ANTI HAUL // What I'm not gonna buy

Kimberly Clarke certainly has a lot to be proud of, creating such an open and aware subject, anti hauling. You may have seen this going around the youtube sphere recently, but it all start with one drag queen. Kimberly Clark has become one of my favourites to watch on youtube, always informative, funny and aware of the world around her. Her videos about consumerism, white privilege and politics are well suited to her humorous and raw makeup videos, the two worlds intertwine far more than you might imagine. I highly suggest you give her channel a little love, you honestly won't be disappointed.

I decided that it was high time for me to do an anti haul, but I'm not good with spoken word, I'm much better sat here in my pj's at 1am with a cup of tea, writing down an eloquent and elegant blog post. Although it is true that my pj's consist of Disney bottoms and an old t shirt with holes in so I'm not sure just how elegant I am. But I do have quite a lot of opinions on makeup so without further a do, here is my first ever anti haul!


Obviously, any product I feature in this post will be talked about 'negatively', I am using humour. This also does not mean I hate an entire brand or type of products or that I don't support certain brands. It's all just a bit of fun and awareness about consumerism. Some of the prices are estimates as I can't find some of them in UK prices so I've just converted them but it gives you an idea of the price conversion. Also I may possibly talk a lot about price, simply because I'm a student so anything above like £10 is expensive to me but I'll also try a use the perspective of someone who isn't living off a student loan. Cool, let's get started.

1 // ABH Subculture // £41/$42

Let's just start off with the most controversial and obvious one, the Subculture palette from ABH has been discuss over and over in the beauty community this week. It seems everyone and their mother made a video about it with overwhelmingly mixed reviews. I'm not getting this palette (well we will see) for a couple of reasons, it's far out of my price range, I don't have the money to buy a £41 palette, nor do I need to. I've looked a couple of times of buying single shadows to dupe it, but being honest the only shades I'm interested in are the  actual interesting ones. The teals, mustard's and greens, and the one cool green duochrome. Looking at the swatches, I know that I've got about half of the shades in my collection already, like Mercury is just a cool toned grey and I've got the lightest contour powder from the Kat Von D contour palette. Adorn is a very opaque copper shade, I've got numerous shades like that in my three Zoeva palettes, notably Caramel Melange. Fudge is just a brown shadow, and I managed to mix what I thought was a good match to Roxy with my Modern Renaissance Palette, using Burnt Sienna and Love Letter. I only truly want the unique shades, which are about maybe 5 or 6, and it's not worth spending £41 for something I already have mostly in my collection. Also it falls into this, I must buy the entire collection mentality. Marketed as the sister to the incredibly popular Modern Renaissance Palette (which by the way, the name completely annoy sme because they are more mannerist and baroque than renaissance but whatever) of course people are going to want this palette, because you are meant to have both, they go together as 'day and night'. But they don't, they seem to be marketing these as the two absolute staples for makeup but it's missing some key shades for me, like a freaking black shadow. The Modern Renaissance is a beautiful palette, and sometimes I find it hard to work with because of how pigmented it is, I seem to come out with a dramatic smokey eye most of the time, and you definitely need a light hand with this palette as well, but the shades are lovely so I compromise. If I find the MR hard, I know that I'll find the Subculture palette hard to work with as well and I don't know if that effort is worth it for me. (Saying this, I've heard they may be repressing the palettes or something along those lines so I might actually look into this as a birthday present to  myself in a few months time once I've had time to dwell on it a bit, I'm not getting sucked into the hype)

2 // Pat McGrath Matte Trance Lipsticks // £29/$38

This pains me, it really does. If you dig deep into this blog you'll find a very averae Pat McGrath inspired makeup, Pat is one of my biggest inspirations, an extremely talented MUA and equally talented business woman. But man, I can't afford your products Pat. In a way she has very clever marketing and it makes sense for her to mark her products up because of the name she brings to them. I just don't know who these lipsticks are for, they are insanely expensive, but they are matte, and really vibrant colours. It seems to me the people that want that type of finish are millennials, and we are busy saving for that house we are never gonna buy and ruining the napkin industry. No but seriously, the typical people after matte finishes are not going to be able to afford this, especially when they have the choice of a liquid lipstick, or even just a matte lipstick from just about anywhere for much cheaper. It just doesn't make much sense to me, that you are targeting a kinda specific demographic but charging an ear and a leg. And pro mua's aren't going to pay that much for those lipsticks, they are just too expensive, it's not worth it for them. They come singularly or in trio's, they aren't unique shades, more staple shades, but they offer up the idea of again, collecting. You would of course want all your staple lipstick to be all the same with the pretty packaging, so you could display them nicely. Apart from they end up in your handbag anyway and you'll find it all dirty and scratched about three months later. I just think this is a really good surface idea, but when you start thinking about it, it just makes less and less sense to me. Sorry Pat I love you!

3 // Sephora Collection Pro Palettes // £52/$68

This also pains me because these sounds right up my ally, and I would love to be able to own these but I have to anti haul them. THEY ARE TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE. Since when has it become okay to charge so much for makeup! You are told you can't really love and have great makeup without these products, and the price really reflects that. Look, if you want the quality of the shadows as much as I do, just tell yourself, no. It's $68! And if you are from the UK like me, add on top of that shipping fee's as well. And that's just one palette, there are three to choose from. I'm actually a big fan of Sephora Collection products, I love their concealer, mascara and lip stain. It's just, too much money for a palette you think you are going to use all the time. This is it, the be all and end all palette, until the next release of another eyeshadow palette next week. The only reason to buy all of these is if you are a pro MUA and this is going to be the eyeshadow you use and that's it. No one needs this, you probably have dupes for most of these shades, you definitely don't need the warm palette because it's like every other warm toned palette on the market, of which you probably own a few. The editorial palette is more worth it imo, but only if you actually use or wear colour on a regular basis. And even then, with any of these palettes, you will end up with about 5 shades you will use to death and then forget about the rest because you don't like them. Just, idk release these as an options of singles Sephora because that's the nice thing to do. 

4 // Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Refillable Lipstick // Lipstick - £28/$34 // Refill - £18/$22

This just came out and honestly, Hourglass is being a bit weird lately. I used to think of hourglass as this really stylish brand with 'ethereal' like products, but they seem to be getting very pretentious and confusing. Being known for these really light powders that give you a bit of a glow, they then came out with a heavy full coverage stick foundation? Why, it doesn't make sense.  This lipstick is a stupid shape. It just seems excessive, and the price oh lord. Can people stop charging $34 for a lipstick? It's refillable which I suppose is a plus but not really because you are going to have to pay for another lipstick at some point, and I suspect they offer refills because there isn't much product, which I've seen is a common complaint,but honestly. It's a stupid shape, concept and so pretentious I can't deal with it. Let me just get out what looks like a gold pen and re apply my lipstick on the bus or cramped tube. Just no.

5 // Sigma Wildflower Collection // Palette - £27.50/$36 // Lipstick - £11/$14

Okay this is hard for me because the packaging of this is so beautiful. I'm really anti hauling it so I can tell myself not to buy it as well. The design of this packaging is so pretty, the PR boxes looks stunning as well. From what I can tell this collection has a palette and two lipsticks, which also look like pretty shades. I'm not gonna buy this because I already know my own reason to buy it would be to look at it and that's it, not worth it, I should just buy a print off etsy or something and hang it on my wall. The colours inside the palette seem pretty but nothing special or unique, mainly mattes with one shimmer shade it seems and some nice blushes. I just know that I wouldn't use it, because I already have these shades in palettes that I already use. You do not need to buy a palette because of packaging, even thought it so pretty. I will say the lipsticks do look really nice but I have to be restrained! I've never tried anything from Sigma, but I would love to try their brushes and beauty products just to see what they are like and get a feel for them, they seem to be a very lovely brand with good owners and a wonderful PR team which always floats my boat.

And thus concludes my list, only a small Anti Haul today, but as you can see I have some strong opinions about makeup. I look at and use makeup everyday and I'm exposed to all of the social media posts from brand and their marketing and I have my own opinions about which brands and products to buy and support. I hope you enjoyed this list and at the very least introduce you to Kimberly Clarks in depth and brilliant Anti Haul series! Hope you all have a great day!

Gem x