I'm Gemma, a 19 year old with an obsession with makeup and art. This blog combines both, proving the makeup is fine art and fine art, makeup. You don't need the best tools or products to produce work that is expressive and thought provoking no matter what the media. This year I have just started a course in Makeup for Media and Performance at AUB, I am really proud that I got onto this course as it is one of the best in the UK.  

Inspiration plays a big part in creativity, without it we would all be dull and boring, and inspiration is what this blog is about. If you come here to see what has inspired me and take inspiration from the same thing that is fabulous. If you come here to take direct inspiration from me, that's fabulous as well. Just like art, and makeup, this blog has no rules. You can look at a flower on my eye or you can just want to read about the artwork I am talking about it doesn't matter because anyone is welcome here.

Like many people on the internet I have spent many hours watching youtube videos, reading blogs, and scrolling through pinterest. I have always been creative, I spend free time painting, I loved art at school so much that I went on to study Fine Art and Art History. Art simply runs in my blood. My obsession with makeup came about much later than most people, I never used to wear more than mascara until I was 16 and my sister did my makeup for my prom. It's only been two years, but I have fallen deeply in love with makeup and its transformative and mystical powers. But I know that the internet is full of beauty guru's and there are thousands of blogs and youtube channels full of hauls, reviews and tutorials. I wanted to stand out, do something different and creative. I wanted to show that makeup isn't just about contouring and the perfect red lip. My two passions in life, fine art and makeup never seemed to collide. So I decided to make them a pair, and created this blog which showcases what I believe to be The Art of Makeup.